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Amazing maintenance services for tile cleaning.

Get the answers to your questions. We share our experience to make carpet cleaning an easy process.

Is your carpet stained for a long time and you are still unsure as to how to deal with it? Our Frequently Asked Questions will solve it all for you! Gathered by the specialist, these answers will surely help you figure everything out!

Can I place furniture over my carpets?

Furniture is usually heavy and will hurt the fibers. It will not be recommended if you have handmade oriental rugs, which are not only sensitive but they are too valuable to hide them under furniture according to our specialists. If you want to place a small coffee table, it will be fine but still you will need to change its position often to help the restoration of the piles.

Do carpets insulate well?

Carpets are actually the best insulators. In fact, they can offer excellent sound-proof and thermal insulation and that's why they are perfect if you live in a location with heavy winters or have children who like to bang on the floor. If you live in an apartment, the people downstairs will be grateful. When carpets are thicker, the insulation will be greater but carpet cleaning will be harder. For higher insulation efficiency, place oriental rugs over carpets.

What is the preferred cleaning method of professional carpet cleaners?

Our technicians are skilled in every known carpet cleaning method, but we prefer to use the ones that are best recommended by your carpet’s manufacturer. As not all carpets are the same, we make sure that we use the right cleaning method to avoid any damage.

Should I put carpet in the bathroom?

It's nice walking on soft carpets but bathrooms are the most high moisture places in the house. You'll run the risk of water damage and mold growth even if there is a window in the bathroom. It's not peculiar that our experts would suggest tiles for your bathroom. Tile cleaning is certainly easier.

Can I avoid carpet mold growth?

Everything is possible with good carpet maintenance and care. It's actually very easy to avoid carpet mold unless you have leakage issues at home. You should check every corner of the carpet during maintenance, remove stains immediately, examine the back side of rugs and take care of leaks immediately. Also, ventilate the room and never leave carpets wet after carpet cleaning.

Is tile floor rinsing required after cleaning?

Yes, it is. This is a mandatory step that you must not miss as any traces of the liquid solution may make the surface slippery and leave ugly marks on it too. Use cool clean water for rinsing. Remember to rinse both the bucket and the mop cloth first. After you are done with this task, you need to dry the floor completely using a dry mop cloth.

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