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Discover how to properly care for the carpets in your home or office. Whether you are completely clueless about the required maintenance or have a pretty good idea about it, you will definitely find all the carpet cleaning tips on this page to be extremely useful to you.

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Simple, effective carpet cleaning tips for all types of rugs can be found on this page. Do you use the best equipment for carpet cleaning? Is your vacuum appropriate? Make your life easier with these tips!

Check your vacuum’s quality

Vacuuming is an important part of carpet cleaning; using a vacuum of low quality will make it difficult for you to routinely clean your carpet. Not only that, the tools that come with the vacuum cleaner might cause some damage to your carpet, depending on its type. Our experts suggest that you use a good quality vacuum that comes with features that are safe and useful for carpet cleaning.

Make full use of your tools

Vacuum cleaners are the ideal machine to have around when cleaning carpets. Apart from being able to scoop up dirt and making it easier to deep clean your carpets, they also come with special tools that allow you to reach inaccessible areas on your carpet. Make good use of these tools to reach these areas of the carpet and suck in all the dirt that managed to get stuck in hard-to-reach places.

Making vacuum cleaning easier

If you find vacuum cleaning a wall-to-wall carpeted floor challenging, you should be aware that it’s helpful to divide the floor into quadrants. Do the cleaning from one quadrant to another. This will make the task easier and will help you see palpable results.

Do not allow pets on the rug

Pets are among the main causes of dirty rugs, whether they shed on it, wipe their paws on it, or worse, use the rug as their toilet. Indoor pets, especially dogs, can easily be trained not to stay on the rugs or be on them at all. Rug cleaning can be very difficult especially if the stains are caused by animal dirt.

Apply soil retardants

Experts at carpet cleaning company recommend that soil retardant are used on carpets, especially new ones. This will prevent dust, dirt, and stains from being absorbed right through the carpet. Simply put, it ensures that stains don't remain permanent. It is imperative, however, that soil retardants are applied using professional equipment and according to the manufacturer's advice.

Don’t rub stains on the carpet

Rubbing a stain will only spread the compound to the surrounding fibers and deeper down the pile. As a result, the stain will become more difficult to remove. Instead of rubbing it, you should blot it gently with soft white cloth or paper towel.

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